8th Grade Online Teaching Manual + video lessons (1 student)

8th Grade Online Teaching Manual + video lessons (1 student)

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Designed for the 8th-grade teacher, this package includes the following:

  • Writing by Design® Online Teaching Manual (1 teacher license) for off-site planning and computer projection.  Optional annual renewal after first year, $50.
  • Free password-protected access to supporting documents and teaching resources

Each manual provides step-by-step comprehensive lesson plans for instruction of genre-specific writing: (1) Personal Narrative, (2) Summary of Informative Text, (3) Informative: Classification, and (4) Argument.

 Lessons are supported by:

  • Rubrics
  • Model Papers
  • Introductory Six Traits lessons
  • Pictorials and lesson references to Six Traits and Genre Charts
  • Reproducible student handouts and worksheets
  • Common Core Standards alignment
  • “No Excuse Spelling” K-8 and grade-specific word lists
  • Revision and Editing tools and exercises
  • Supportive lesson resources
  • Differentiated teaching tips for ELL and students with special needs
  • Writing strategies
  • Engaging beginnings and conclusions
  • Figurative language definitions and examples
  • Advanced Parts of Speech/Word Choice examples
  • Academic language reference
  • Authentic Assessments
  • Lesson-specific recommended picture books
  • Spanish-translated resources

Writing by Design® uses recommended picture books, which are listed here