Special Education Package

Special Education Package

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Writing by Design’s Special Education Package is designed to empower Special Education Teachers, enabling them to facilitate seamless access and foster success in General Education instruction for their students. This comprehensive package is tailored to meet the unique needs of students with diverse learning abilities, providing them with personalized learning experiences that promote inclusion and academic achievement. Featuring a range of adaptable resources, including differentiated lesson plans, interactive activities, and assessment tools, the package ensures that all students can engage with the curriculum at their own pace and level of understanding. Emphasizing practical strategies and evidence-based practices, it supports educators in implementing effective teaching methods that cater to the individual strengths and challenges of each student. This innovative package is designed to bridge the gap between Special and General Education, fostering an educational environment where every student has the opportunity to excel and reach their full potential.

The Package includes the following Writing by Design products:

  • Printed Teaching Manual, grade level of choice
  • Online access to all teaching manuals and resources, PreK-8
  • Grading by Design assessments
  • No-cost Program Orientation

Online Manuals, PreK-8th grade, + 3-8 Video Lessons, $500/teacher
Optional renewal, $100